My Alcohol Story

My Alcohol Story

Alcohol addiction was an issue I had to battle seriously as it was affecting me in various areas of my life. I started drinking on a regular basis when I was 19 and for ten years my addiction grew, it felt like I had found a long-lost brother or more like I was empty and I had a constant feeling of keeping up with the void. Gradually, my pleasure for drinking grew from a controllable and pleasant one to a calamitous one.

I had a dull spirit and lukewarm attitude all day at work till it was close of work to get some drinks, I continued this cycle for years and how I managed to beat this addiction is astonishing. My intended reason for taking alcohol when I started was because I felt it would make me feel better, but as time progressed, I realized it was draining for me.

Alcohol affected my career as I spent most of the time at the pub, resulting in poor sleep ultimately affecting my productivity at work and towards other life activities generally. I had feelings of anxiety most day at work resulting from a hangover.

My recovery process was deliberate as I had had enough of the unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I wasn’t willing to change that easily but I had a choice to make.

It was not an easy ride and as such, for accountability, I sought help from the NHS team, they provided a range of resources for me, with adequate counseling all through the process. I also got access to the Try Dry App which was a great resource in helping me calculate the units I was drinking and to set reasonable targets for myself.

The alcohol support I got from the NHS team benefitted me with a better mood, good mental health, sound sleep pattern, greater productivity at work, and better positive behavior with people.

I’m grateful that I conquered this addiction despite the fact that I was oblivious to all of the issues it caused to my mental health, from anxiety, low mood to depression to me it was nothing more than a coping mechanism to get a feeling of euphoria. My process was a gradual one, but I’m thankful that I’m in a better place, my mental health is sound, I’m more productive at work and I now have better and quality relationships. 


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