Working Gateshead helps Gateshead residents access the right support at the right time to lead fulfilling working lives.

Since 1997 we have helped over 25,000 Gateshead residents move closer to or into work by providing employment support across the borough.

We are supporting the Council’s efforts to create a strong, sustainable and inclusive economy by helping our residents to take positive steps to maximise their potential and thrive.

If you’re out of work, trying to secure your first job, in work and looking to change jobs or just starting to think about work as an option we can help.

The free support we offer to Gateshead residents is tailored to your needs and recognises that everyone’s circumstances are different – there is no ‘one way’ back to work.

If it’s not a quick fix we will give you the support you need to overcome problems that are keeping you from getting a job. This could include:
information, advice and guidance
coaching and mentoring
health and wellbeing
debt and money management advice
help with digital skills
work experience