Unity Drug And Alcohol Recovery Service

About our service

Unity is the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service for Cumbria and we will help you work out the things in your life that work for you and how you can build on these with our support.

We will do this with our team of Experienced Staff, Peer Mentors and Volunteers and by linking you in with other recovery-focused community based groups and a range of partners relevant to your own recovery.This visible Recovery Network will be your foundation for getting and staying well.

Unity are part of GMMH’s CQC Outstanding rated Substance Misuse services and we continually work to maintain and improve our standards for the people we support.

Who do we help and where
Anyone over 18 who needs help relating to alcohol or drugs – at our services across Cumbria and in various other community settings.

Your Choice
When you first contact, or are referred to Unity, we will arrange for you to attend for “Your Choice” where you will meet staff and people already in Recovery who will let you know about the things that happen at Unity and in the community that will support your Recovery. These will include an individual assessment and Recovery Plan, working together with others, options for detoxification and Community Rehab where appropriate, our links with local Recovery networks and other help relevant to your life.

Recovery Start, Recovery Journey, Recovery Plus
How we help you will be relevant to you. Your health, your abilities, your situation. As well as our experienced treatment staff, you will see around our services and be supported by people who have lived with the impact of addiction and are now in Recovery and able to share their knowledge strength and motivation. Our Peer Mentors and Volunteers are a significant part of Unity and of the Recovery network we will help you be a part of.

Recovery Academy Online Resources
The Trust’s Recovery Academy provides a range of free educational courses and resources for people with mental health and substance misuse problems, their families and carers as well as health care professionals.

All of the Recovery Academy resources focus on supporting people with their recovery and promote good health and wellbeing. The resources are useful if you are looking to increase your knowledge and understanding of mental health, improve your mental wellbeing, or simply want to learn something new.

Please just follow the link here: www.gmmh.nhs.uk/recovery, click on the blue heading that says “Recovery Academy Announcement – We’re back!” and follow the instruction to access the material.

Five Ways to Wellbeing
The general health and wellbeing of the people who come to us for help is really important to us so our support is founded on the principles of Five Ways to Wellbeing (GIVE, BE ACTIVE, TAKE NOTICE, KEEP LEARNING and CONNECT) all of which help people to stay well physically, mentally and emotionally.

People Who Care/Carers
We know the importance of both including and supporting people with a caring role in your life – this could be your wife, your husband, partner or a close family member, even a neighbour. If they are significant in your care and also if you are caring for them they can be a part of your Recovery Plan.

We also provide support and signposting to people involved in someone’s care who contact us directly for help.

Opening Hours


8am - 4:30pm


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8am - 4:30pm