The Moses Project is a registered charitable company providing guidance, mentoring and support to adult males with past and current addictions to drugs and alcohol.

It is very often the case that these men are classed as outsiders and not worth the effort living in chaotic circumstances, suffering the consequences of long-term self-abuse.

Assistance is given with housing and benefit applications, introduction to positive lifestyles, one-to-one support along with regular team-building events and activities.

The Moses Project works closely with all the commissioned agencies, i.e. Stockton Borough Council Outreach Services, CGL, Probation Services and NHS Mental Health. We have developed close working links with housing groups and the homeless section at Stockton Borough Council.

By offering support with life’s everyday problems in a caring environment where everyone is welcomed, we provide clients with the opportunity to recover, rebuild their lives and become re-engaged into society.

We see our clients as family. We set about helping the men see a different life in many ways and put on many events to take their minds away from their addiction.

We work closely with 3 Christian Rehabilitation centres and can arrange for rapid entry into one of these centres. A supervised medical detox can be arranged if necessary.