There are some things you just can’t talk to your friends about. At Streetwise we offer free confidential information, advice and counselling to young people aged 13-25 years. If you need help, advice or just someone to listen to you, you need Streetwise!

You can talk to us about any issue that may be bothering you, the service is free, friendly and confidential.

No appointment is needed just check out our drop-in opening times.

Your Right to Confidentiality

You have the right not to have any information about you passed on to anyone outside the project (like your parents, teachers, social workers etc), without your knowing about it and agreeing to it.

The only time this may be different, is if you tell us that you or someone else is in a dangerous situation and our telling someone else might prevent you or them from being harmed.   If a worker felt that they had to pass on information without your permission, they would still inform you of what they were going to do.

Our Values

  • The needs of young people are recognised and are at the heart of all service design and delivery.
  • Young people are respected and their culture, diversity, background, experiences are valued.
  •  Inequalities, oppression, discrimination and exploitation faced by young people are challenged and we provide services for them within an equal opportunities framework.
  •  Prejudice and misconceptions held by young people about other groups and/or members of society will be challenged constructively to enable them to understand and embrace equality and diversity.
  •  Young people engage voluntarily and are encouraged to make informed choices based on accurate and clear information
  •  Young people have the right not to be judged and to feel safe and protected.
  • Young people have open access to services, supported by highly motivated and skilled staff.

Opening Hours


9am - 5pm


9am - 5pm


9am - 5pm


9am - 7pm


9am - 4.30pm


2pm - 4am