Perinatal Community Mental Health Team

• Pre-conceptual counselling for women with a history of serious mental health problems such as bipolar disorder and psychosis and who are considering becoming a parent.

• Specialist perinatal advice, treatment and management of your illness and any medication you may take during pregnancy and into the post-partum period including considerations should you need medication and are wanting to breastfeed from our medical team.

• Specialist perinatal community psychiatric nurses can offer a range of interventions to help you to understand your mental health difficulties and support you.

• All members of the team can help support you building a relationship with your baby and we have specialist nursery nurses who can offer 1:1 sessions and group work to promote attachment and support with you adjusting to becoming a parent.

• Peer support workers, are members of our team, who have experienced their own emotional distress and who have accessed services in the past. They are able to share their own lived experience and recovery methods to help you understand and manage the way you are feeling. They also run group sessions.

• Many of our staff have specialist training in a range of therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Interpersonal Psychotherapy; Systemic Practice; Video Interaction Guidance; Eye Movement Desensitisation and Processing Therapy and mindfulness.