North Yourkshire Horizons

Helping you to recover

The Horizons service is made up of three organisations, led by Humankind. We use flexible, wraparound services to focus on clients’ needs. We support them to reduce or end their substance misuse and to rebuild their lives.

The people who use our services can access brief interventions and structured treatments. The recovery journey also draws upon our charity’s expertise in community and family work, residential rehabilitation, and employment support.

Our partners, Changing Lives assist with the recovery element of treatment, working with people from the start of their recovery journey right through to completion. Workers have found that this aftercare helps you to maintain the changes you have made.

Workers bring an all-round approach to recovery, supporting people with the full range of issues they face, not just addiction.

We can give you one to one support. We listen to what you’re saying. Then, we set goals that you can achieve, helping you to reach a positive place.

How we help

You’ll get your own worker, who will support and guide you. Everyone’s road to recovery is different – we know that.

You can get…

one-to-one support,
support in groups,
a health and well-being check including health screenings,
blood testing and vaccinations.
We look at underlying problems, at what sets you off and we help you cope with your emotions as you recover from addiction.

We also provide substitute medication where appropriate and detox support in the community.

Opening Hours


9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm