Musculoskeletal Services

Sunderland Integrated Musculoskeletal Service (SIMS) are a multidisciplinary team of specialist Physiotherapists, GPs and Consultants with expertise in Musculoskeletal conditions affecting mobility, function and well-being.  We work in partnership with you and other health professionals on treatment goals that are centred on your needs .We help our patients to improve flexibility, strength, balance and mobility in order to obtain the best possible outcome, regain life independence, reduce pain and maximise potential.

We accept referrals direct from your GP for anyone over the age of 16 years. We can provide full assessment, investigations, treatment and rehabilitation. We are able to access to Secondary care services such as Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Pain Management at any point in the pathway to ensure that the patient sees the right practitioner at the right time and place.

Investigations include –X-ray, Ultrasound scan, MRI scan and blood tests

Conditions include –Arthritis-OA/RA, Spinal pain, Joint pain and Soft tissues conditions.

Treatments include – Management of pain, exercises to strengthen and condition, gait re-education, balance work, group exercise ,hydrotherapy, joint manipulation, joint mobilisation and joint injections  with some specialist injections .

Opening Hours


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