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Not all drugs are addictive, but some drug and alcohol users do develop a dependence.

People who are dealing with addiction will usually:

feel the need for the drug/alcohol regularly
have a constant supply of it
have failed to stop using the drug/alcohol
do things they normally wouldn’t do (such as stealing)
For more information talk to FRANK.

Information and support
If you, or someone you know, are struggling to cope with substance misuse, or issues with drugs and/or alcohol, Middlesbrough Recovering Together (MRT) can help. MRT provides a wide range of support including prescribing, psychosocial interventions, counselling, and recovery support.

MRT is made up of experienced staff, volunteers and peer mentors (some of whom are in recovery from substance misuse themselves) who provide group sessions and one-to-one support across Middlesbrough. The service is open to both young people and adults. You can contact MRT directly on 01642 876323 for support, alternatively you can visit one of the many drop-in sessions at the Live Well Centre (in the Dundas Arcade) where you can speak to someone and get support immediately.

Address: MRT, The Live Well Centre, Dundas House, Dundas Street, Middlesbrough TS1 1HR

Email: Middlesbrough.fax@cgl.org.uk

You can also check out the self-help strategies for cutting down or stopping substance use (PDF) booklet for tips for dealing with your own substance use.

Affected by someone else’s substance misuse?
Branches is a peer-led support group that offers support to people affected by a loved one’s alcohol use. They offer a forum where you can talk to others who are experiencing, or have experienced, feelings similar to your own, and gives you the chance to meet people who may be able to offer support and advice outside of the forum.

The group is run by volunteers who are dedicated to doing their best to support you, and while they can’t provide professional help (such as psychological therapy/counselling), they can point you in the right direction depending on what your needs are.

Email: branchescarers@outlook.com

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Our Address:

Live Well Centre, Dundas House Dundas Street Middlesbrough TS1 1HR