Lustrum Vale

The Trust’s specialist recovery services deliver effective rehabilitation, habilitation and recovery to people whose needs cannot be met by less intensive, mainstream adult mental health services.

What makes the service unique is the length of time the service expects to work alongside individuals, supporting people as they gain confidence and skills in everyday activities.

Recovery is a whole systems approach to recovery from mental illness that maximises an individual’s quality of life and social inclusion by encouraging their skills, promoting independence and autonomy in order to give them hope for the future and leads to successful community living through appropriate support.
Rehabilitation addresses the disabilities of people who have not made a rapid recovery and may experience continuing difficulties in personal functioning and relating to others. They may have cognitive impairments that make it hard to plan ahead, symptoms which make communication difficult, be vulnerable to or from exploitation or their behaviour may be challenging to others.Rehabilitation means relearning a skill, for example walking or talking. Another word for rehabilitation is re-ablement.
Habilitation means learning a new skill that you didn’t have before.


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Lustrum Vale 163 Durham Road Stockton-On-Tees, TS19 0EA