Lots of people struggle at times in life. Living Life to the Full teaches a range of life skills that are based on the tried and trusted CBT approach, aiming to improve wellbeing and resilience as you go through the journey of life.

Life is a journey, sometimes it’s blue sky and sunshine, admiring the view from the peaks. Whereas sometimes it seems far harder, a struggle which feels constantly as if we’re going uphill with storms, it can feel lonely and cold.

However you’re feeling, Living Life to the Full aims to help provide useful information and resources that can act as tools to use on your own life journey.

What do the courses offer?

Each course offers free modules including worksheets to print off and use and linked books to read.

  • Living Life to the Full – For low mood and stress
  • Living Life to the Full for Older Adults aged 65+
  • Living Life to the Full with God – For those who attend church
  • Living Life to the Full for Farming Communities
  • Living Life to the Full for those with Chronic Pain
  • Living Life to the Full for those with Diabetes
  • Reclaim Your Life – For those living with long-term illness
  • Fix Your Drinking in 2 Days
  • Enjoy Your Bump – For expectant mothers
  • Enjoy Your Baby
  • Enjoy Your Infant
  • Dental Anxiety support for teenagers
    Support for parents of children who have dental anxiety
    Plus course resources for carers and supporters.


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