Hartlepool Community Resource Affective Team

The access service receives referrals primarily from the person’s GP, but also from other professionals and offer a comprehensive assessment of mental health and social care needs and risks. They then signpost the person either to an appropriate team within the mental health trust (including the affective team), or to another external support which can meet their needs.

The affective team, also known as the community resource team, offer individuals support with a wide range of mental health difficulties, including severe depression, anxiety, personality disorders, OCD, eating disorders and several other non-psychotic conditions.

The approach seeks to improve the person’s functioning and mental health to the optimum possible, supporting carers and enabling clients to regain any skills diminished by their condition.

The team are able to offer several psychological therapies, including cognitive analytical therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and also inform the person’s care within these frameworks, where direct therapy is not possible for the person themselves.