Gateshead Clubhouse

Our aim has always been to provide the positive side of having a building-based service, while recognising that if left in isolation, these kinds of services can be institutionalised and stagnant, the input of external people, activities and new members is akin to having freshwater run into a stream.

The clubhouse is truly a unique place in that it is run by people just like you; a non-institutionalised staff free service that takes pride in helping others, with many facilities available such as;

A comfy sitting area to socialise and relax.
A pool table.
Six up to date computers with free internet access and word processing software (and free Wi-Fi).
A cafe offering good food from 11-1:30pm each weekday and drinks / sandwiches / assorted snacks / sweets / crisps until 4pm.
Many different group activities throughout the week: Arts, Crafts, Mindfulness, Hearing Voices Support Group, Cooking Skills, Baking Group, Social Enterprise, Adult Autism Support Group, Digital Skills, Yoga, And many more
Plenty of puzzles, jigsaws, chess, Dominoes, books and games to keep your mind active.
Nights out / day trips (using public transport or a coach company). Occasional local holidays away (mainstream coach companies etc.).
We also have extremely good relationships with local museums and art galleries, Gateshead wellbeing community drop-ins, arts and crafts groups run by Gateshead Council’s adult learning and skills department, Gateshead User Voice, The Recovery College (ReCoCo), Media Savvy & the NHS and others where those organisations book our rooms and open their services to our members both in the clubhouse and out in the community. We also book out rooms to virtually any organisation but those that run activities such as art and invite our members will pay a reduced amount or nothing.

Opening Hours


11am - 4:30pm




11am - 4:30pm




11am - 4:30pm





COVID OPENING HOURS You MUST ring (0191 440 9033) on the day you plan on coming to see if there is enough capacity for you to attend.


Our Address:

Gateshead Clubhouse, Worcester Green, Gateshead. NE8 1NH