Forward Assist

Forward Assist is a multi-award winning charity and member of Confederation of British Service Charities (COBSEO). Forward Assist are recognised as ‘thought leaders’ in the military charity sector. We provide support, advice, guidance and advocacy. We deliver a variety of projects to help veterans ‘come out of the darkness’, and seek support to reduce the negative impact of social isolation and loneliness. All our interventions aim to improve the physical and mental health of veterans. We are actively working with Government, to help improve services to Women Veterans.

Equality and Diversity runs like a golden thread though all our interventions. We value the unique experience every individual brings and in recognising not every individual faces the same barriers, we have adopted an intersectional approach to our work.

Our activities are aimed at marginalised, socially isolated or disenfranchised veterans. We use group activities to give our military veterans a sense of purpose, direction and a sense of belonging. Where possible, our veteran led ‘community service’ projects help and support other disadvantaged members of the community. We work with veterans of all ages and abilities, and not just the post 2000 generation. We view veterans as valuable members of the community and help others to understand why they ‘matter’. Our activities and projects were developed to ensure an inclusive inter-generational approach to supporting all veterans. Our wellbeing framework facilitates social reintegration and creates a positive pathway to civilian life, further education, training & employment.