Forces Link

Forces Link looks at how we can increase opportunity and support for our local ex-service community and their families. We are doing this by working with local and national organisations such as University of Cumbria and Royal British Legion to find out what support they offer, then meeting the ex-service community through things like breakfast clubs and regimental association meetings to tell them about the opportunities available. In doing this we can identify any gaps and work with the organisations and the ex-service community to help fill them and provide the best support possible.

We host an Ex-Service Supporters network once a quarter. The network is a great opportunity to find out what is going on locally and a chance to give updates on what your organisation is doing to support the Ex-Service Community. Through the network we can inform the Covenant Partnership about things happening in our area and keep them up to date with current matters. Please contact us if your organisation would like to be part of the network and find out dates for forthcoming meetings.