Carers Support Eden

We have experienced Generic Support Coordinators most of whom have qualifications such as Social Work, Occupational Therapy and Child, Young Person and Family Studies degrees.

A committed and experienced group of Trustees work with us providing our strategic direction.

We are contracted by Cumbria County Council to undertake Carers Assessments and develop Support Plans. We also, through our own fundraising activities deliver activities, trips and other support for Young, Adult and Parent Carers.

A Carers Assessment provides Carers with an opportunity to identify what could help them with their caring role. All Carers; Young and Adult, in the UK have a legal right to a Carers Assessment. All professionals working with Carers have a statutory obligation to ensure that Carers are given this opportunity.

We work with unpaid carers provide information and advice to Carers and have a volunteer programme through which we can provide IT support, Sitting Service, Craft groups, lunch and coffee hubs; at which Carers meet regularly for mutual support. Young Carers can participate in After School Clubs, school holiday trips and activities as well as receiving 1:1 support.

Opening Hours


9am - 5pm


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9am - 4.30pm