Angelou Centre

The Angelou Centre offers a range of holistic women-only* services for black and minoritised women across the North East. The organisation remains unique as one of the few remaining black-led women’s organisations in the north east of England, providing specialist support for black and minoritised women and children, locally, regionally and nationally.

Over the last year the Angelou Centre has provided a range of services that meet the needs of black and minority women and children in three distinct areas:

  • Training & Development
  •  Ending Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Wellbeing & Inclusion
Counselling Services

Black and minoritised women and children referred to the Angelou Centre’s VAWG services can access therapeutic counselling that does not operate on the basis of strict time frames. It is flexible to meet the needs of women and children presenting with multiple complex disadvantage and intersecting barriers that limit access to mainstream services. The provision of effective care, focussed on the specific needs of the victim-survivor informs our approach, rooted in the centre’s intersectional way of working. Multi-lingual counselling services for women and qualified children’s therapists support the mental health needs of survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.


Vision and Values


Black and minority women and children from diverse communities in the North East achieve their full potential free from inequality, discrimination, violence and abuse.


The Angelou Centre is a specialist black-led feminist organisation advancing human rights, equality, inclusion, empowerment and independence of women and children from diverse communities by providing: advocacy, information and advice; training; social/recreational activities and events; accommodation and counselling and therapeutic support.

Strategic Aims

  • To develop projects and services facilitating black and minority women’s and children’s social and economic inclusion, safety and survival;
  • To build the capacity of black and minority women to fulfil their potential: economically, socially and politically;
  • To engage in strategic partnerships, networks and consortia to ensure access, progression, achievement, voice and choice for black and minoritised women in the North East.


Opening Hours


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