The Passport is designed to help people who are struggling with poor mental health and who are affected by cancer cope with attending appointments and treatment.

It’s a record to give you some practical support and comfort on your cancer journey.

You, and the healthcare team looking after you, can use the passport to log important information during your diagnosis and treatment.

“The passport is very straightforward, not full of detailed questions and small spaces given for writing in that don’t make it daunting” Cancer Nurse Specialist

NOTE: The passport may not function as intended on certain older devices. If you experience any issues with the passport, please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

“The passport to my health and well-being is amazing. It helps me to talk to my cancer nurses and doctors and it helps me to feel more in control of my care which is so important to me.” Patient

The passport can record:

  • personal information
  • healthcare contact details
  • important treatment information
  • your appointments
  • useful resources

“The passport helps me to log and record all sorts of information which I can refer to in future consultations” – Patient