‘Changing your perspective on Anxiety’

Changing your perspective on Anxiety’

“Working in mental health and studying social sciences, I have always been aware of the importance of maintaining your wellbeing. But since the pandemic, this need to look after not only myself, but those around me (and those far away) has become a massive part of day to day life.

The anxieties of catching covid, coupled with the detrimental impact of isolation have put all our mental health at risk. No one has escaped the pandemic with their mental health being unscathed, whether it be worried about an elderly loved one, worried about how as society we will get through this, or worried about your own health. Anxiety has been a dominating theme throughout this ordeal we have all experienced.

And that’s why I find it particularly important to address anxieties, to rationalise the worries or distract from them altogether. During the first wave, I signed up to complete some online learning which I knew would quell the boredom of lockdown, distract me, and ultimately was a topic I wanted to explore further professionally. I made a choice during the beginning of the pandemic not to waste this time. All too often there “isn’t enough time in the day” and lockdown gave us this time back. I started to see lockdown as an opportunity rather than a time to be annoyed that I couldn’t go out and worried about getting covid, but a chance to develop myself.

I really relied on my online studying to distract me from worrying too much about what was going on outside the comfort of my own home. And I’m really proud of myself for utilising this spare time we had to channel it into something productive, which ultimately have given me another qualification to add to the CV.

I think perspective is really important. By looking at something that you know is quite worrying to you, but seeing it as an opportunity rather than a big hurdle to jump over, we can rework the whole situation we’re in for the better.”

Anonymous, aged 24