Being a Student During the Pandemic

Being a Student During the Pandemic

“As a university student, it is natural to be prone to stress, now studying during a pandemic came with more challenges, coupled with the idea of having to stay at home for days and then to studying remotely for a full academic session, all these came with pros and cons.

Learning during this period has been a struggle with the absence of the in-person contact hours, Pre-semester, I had earlier set some goals which were to make new friends, build connections and relationships but sadly, my laptop, zoom, and my module leaders were my only friends.

On one hand, academically, I performed well with excellent grades, it appeared the most of my module leaders were well prepared for remote learning. As such, they coached us adequately and handled the virtual sessions professionally.

On the other hand, my only regret is that I feel like I have failed socially. I find it difficult to make new relationships now as I have been accustomed to the new normal of staying at home and as a result, I developed unhealthy habits like social media abuse, and as well consequently lost the ability in making real in-person conversations.

It also gives me anxiety that the effect of Covid results in too many jobs being laid off, and only a few companies hiring. I’m curious to know what jobs will be available for me post-graduation and even wonder if my degree is sufficient enough to get me a job worth all the input, I have put in for my university education.

One positive aspect is that in order to allay my fears, I have taken time to build new skills and improve myself, hopefully, these skills enable me career-ready post-graduation. Another positive look towards how I maximized this pandemic season is by helping myself with a few lonely walks, which resulted in a better self-discovery and purpose search.

I’m delighted that as lockdown measures get relaxed, I’m happy to see people outside, and ultimately thankful that I return to campus in September 2021 for in-person lectures, I can’t wait to see all of my mates that we have been communicating virtually via social media platform in person. I relish the opportunity to perform activities, build connections and share great memories because that is a huge part of education as well.

Ultimately, the result of one-year academic session run completely remotely took a toll on my mental health but I am glad I scaled through and I am only positive that things get better from here, other students may testify of similar or perhaps worse experience, we can only be optimistic that the best is yet to come, you are not alone.”

-Student, 25