Let’s talk about Mental Health

Let’s talk about Mental Health There’s a lot of time when we feel down. We feel that we are alone and need help, but we can’t talk about the feeling because we fear that people won’t listen or understand, or they will ignore or make fun of us. It’s usual to feel like that, but […]

My Alcohol Story

My Alcohol Story Alcohol addiction was an issue I had to battle seriously as it was affecting me in various areas of my life. I started drinking on a regular basis when I was 19 and for ten years my addiction grew, it felt like I had found a long-lost brother or more like I […]

Agoraphobia and Me

Agoraphobia and Me A little about me, I was born in Newcastle moved to Sunderland at a young age and went to school where I was bullied. I developed an eating disorder in primary school where I didn’t eat any food for 2 + years and I lived off powder supplements and milkshakes from the […]

Being a Student During the Pandemic

Being a Student During the Pandemic “As a university student, it is natural to be prone to stress, now studying during a pandemic came with more challenges, coupled with the idea of having to stay at home for days and then to studying remotely for a full academic session, all these came with pros and […]

‘Changing your perspective on Anxiety’

‘Changing your perspective on Anxiety’ “Working in mental health and studying social sciences, I have always been aware of the importance of maintaining your wellbeing. But since the pandemic, this need to look after not only myself, but those around me (and those far away) has become a massive part of day to day life. […]

Blog Content

WELCOME! We will be using our blog to promote anything that spreads awareness about mental health & wellbeing as well as how you can get involved! Stay tuned for more! 😁