Signpost North East and North Cumbria is a community wellbeing and mental health resource, connecting valued services with those who need it. From finding local sports clubs and facilities, accessing mental health advice and services, to getting the latest information on the covid pandemic; we can signpost you there.

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Signpost NENC rely on local organisations to add their services to ensure we are connecting people in the North East and North Cumbria with all the available resources on offer. If you are an organisation in the North East or North Cumbria and are looking to add your details, then please CLICK HERE.

Not from the NENC? Check out Hub of Hope, a national mental health database.

Hub of Hope - there's always somebody to talk to.... | YourCircle
Call 111 if you need help for your mental health urgently. Call 999 if it is an emergency or someone’s life is at risk.

Want to get involved in research? Email for more information.

Local authority information can be accessed here: Local Authority Websites