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Signpost NENC

The hub for mental health and wellbeing resources in the North East & North Cumbria.

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If you are feeling down, don't forget to reach out to loved ones or find support in your community. 

Find support for your mental health online or across the North East and North Cumbria.

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Find the right support 

Find the nearest mental health and wellbeing resources in the North East & North Cumbria. The resources will help you find useful resources to help you develop your physical and mental health. 


Signpost Spotlight 

Anxious Minds was founded in 2015 stemming from the CEO’s personal experiences with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. This gives us both a detailed understanding of the reality of mental health and a passionate desire to improve the situation.

Our passionate mission and commitment at Anxious Minds are to improve the mental well-being of the people we serve here in the North East. We work toward a strong set of core values and principles that are upheld in everything we offer. Fundamentally we believe that individuals who suffer from Mental Health do not receive enough support. We started this charity in order to address this and provide better support.

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